Mangal organics is one of the very few producers to have achieved the "FAIRTRADE" certification. Fairtrade certificates are only issued after a physical inspection has confirmed that all relevant Fairtrade Standards have been complied with. The main aspects of the Fairtrade system are the Minimum Price and the Fixed Premium

The Fairtrade Premium is an extra payment over the market price which is paid to the farmer groups which must be spent on "social projects" for social and economic development in the producing communities.

RO Drinking Water ATMs

The farmers giving us clean & pure Organic food deserves every time clean and pure water. As a way to give back to our farmers and labours, we have installed Ro drinking water ATMs for distributing hygienic water to the most rural areas for free. Corelife Wholefoods Pvt. Ltd. Completed RO water plants installation at Arjunsond, Ramhingani, Lamboti, Sablewadi and Shivani village. Installation of many other RO water plants are under process

Play school for farm labourers kids

In most of the farms in India, Farm labourers take their kids to the farms where they work. As both parents are working , they don't have an option to leave kids anywhere. Mangal organics has set up play schools for such kids, as all kids deserve equal opportunity for growth. More so for the underprivileged.

Free drums distribution for production of Jeev Amrut (ORGANIC FERTILIZERS)

Organic farms require organic fertilizers. To ensure farmers get sufficient organic supplies. Mangal organics has distributed drums free of cost to farmers to produce Jeev amrut, The organic fertilizers. Ensuring that we get sustainable farm growth for sustainable organic food availability.

Farmer Training

Mangal organics regularly imparts training to farmers for better cultivating practices. Proper guidance & latest methods are required

Free sanitizer distribution to farmers & labourers

The recent COVID-19 pandemic produced major scarcity at the beginning for masks, and hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizer being the most basic requirement, Our farmers & labourers deserve to get the best care. We are proud to have been the first by distributing the hand sanitizers beginning in March 2020.

Solar street lights distribution

Solar power is natural power. Therefore, to overcome side effects of load shedding in rural areas solar energy is the best option. Mangal Organics takes initiative for solar street light distribution in rural areas. In Solapur district 200 Solar street light distribution was completed at Bibidarphal, Morvanchi, Pofali, Sable wadi, Akolekati,Ranmasale village


Mangal Organics are proud to announce that on the 8th of February 2023, we distributed stationary, school bags, and various other items to students in the sugar school located in St Bibidarphal Taluka, North Solapur.

The objective of this initiative was to support the education of underprivileged students and provide them with the necessary tools to excel in their studies. Our team distributed a range of items, including pens, pencils, notebooks, drawing books, pads, sketch pens, erasers, sharpeners, and school bags to the students.

As a socially responsible organization, we believe in giving back to society and supporting initiatives that promote education and upliftment of the community. This event was just one of our many efforts to make a positive impact on society.