“mangal” is the brand name for the organic food products of Corelife Wholefoods Private Limited. We aim at becoming active contributors in empowering the development of rural India through various socio-economic initiatives. One such initiative is Mangal Organic Foods incorporated in 2017 to spread awareness about the importance of consuming organic produce and encouraging farmers to cultivate the same.

“mangal” is a Sanskrit word that means auspicious. It symbolizes wellness, happiness, and prosperity. We aim at spreading these qualities in the lives of people by offering the most reliable and purest form of organic foods. We use natural seeds of the finest quality, which are sown and harvested in certified organic farms.

Core values

●  To grow organic products of the best quality for the local as well as global community by using natural and sustainable farming methods that help re-generate the soil as well as protect bio-diversity, and, at the same time, maintain yield productivity & year-on-year stability.

●  Establish thriving farming markets and strong relationships with end customers.

●  Provide employment, training, as well as sustainable livelihood to local farmers to improve the standard of living of the farmer community at large.

Our Fair Trade Certification validates that our farmers and workers receive fair & competitive wages, and that we ensure safe working conditions, prevent of forced or abusive child labour practices, and improve and sustain social, economic and environmental conditions.